Juli 8, 2009

On community contributing documentation and the benefits of „intuitive use“

As some might know, I have been involved with the NetBeans Community Docs project for quite a while now. I have been using NetBeans IDE same way for quite a while, and I used to contribute a couple of documentation and articles on „interesting“ topics to the NetBeans Community Docs project in the past. By now, however, I can’t help feeling the project slowly loosing momentum, I have a couple

Debian, Mono, licenses and matters of technology

Starting with this blog post regarding the inclusion of tomboy note-keeping application into the default installation of GNOME desktop on Debian GNU/Linux, quite a discussion has started whether or not free software should depend upon Mono and/or mono should be included in a default Debian installation. Mono Project, as some might know, is aiming at being an open-source re-implementation of .NET framework and technologies originally created and provided by Microsoft,