Juli 2009

opensolaris-yet-again-notes, #2: tools and packages

Faster than I thought… Fixed my broken X server pretty quickly, and by the way learning how to boot up OpenSolaris into maintaineance / single-user mode (as this unfortunately is not there as a default recovery option in the grub configuration but rather easy to do nevertheless). Using the xorg.conf I copied off my Xubuntu system, now my external TFT finally works at 1280×1024 / 75 Hz, took some time

opensolaris-yet-again-notes, #1: post installation impressions

Following an extensive discussion on osnews.com evolving around the question whether Suns OpenSolaris distribution is just a bad GNU/Linux distribution, I once again did a chance downloading a recent build off genunix.org, installed with the motivation of trying to use it in everyday work for a couple of times to see where it gets me. As I usually do my everyday work exclusively using xubuntu, all comparisons just will relate

JUG Saxony 07/2009: Groovy

So once again, another Java User Group Saxony meeting is over: Yesterday, on July 16th, our seventh evening of lectures and communication took place, once agan located in an auditorium of TU Dresden Faculty Of Computer Science, and roughly 30 people (less than in earlier meetings, but still a good number considering the time of year and the overally warm weather…) came to listen to two pretty high-quality lectures announced

cyrus imapd: shared folder hierarchy recovery

Fought a half-day fight battling with our local Cyrus IMAPd installment. And talking complexity again: We’re using right this mail server implementation because it provides extensive support for shared folders and per-folder access control lists allowing for pretty fine-grained, well, control of user access to shared mail folders. ACLs indeed do add complexity to that, however, and this is what, in the end, seems to have enabled one of our

On community contributing documentation and the benefits of „intuitive use“

As some might know, I have been involved with the NetBeans Community Docs project for quite a while now. I have been using NetBeans IDE same way for quite a while, and I used to contribute a couple of documentation and articles on „interesting“ topics to the NetBeans Community Docs project in the past. By now, however, I can’t help feeling the project slowly loosing momentum, I have a couple

Debian, Mono, licenses and matters of technology

Starting with this blog post regarding the inclusion of tomboy note-keeping application into the default installation of GNOME desktop on Debian GNU/Linux, quite a discussion has started whether or not free software should depend upon Mono and/or mono should be included in a default Debian installation. Mono Project, as some might know, is aiming at being an open-source re-implementation of .NET framework and technologies originally created and provided by Microsoft,

Agenda 2020

Die Süddeutsche Zeitung hat einen lesenswerten Artikel zur „Sanierung des Staates nach Wirtschafts- und Finanzkrise: „Abschied vom Sozialstaat – Horrorszenario Agenda 2020“: … Zu den absehbaren Folgen der Weltfinanz- und Wirtschaftskrise gehört nicht nur eine Arbeitslosenzahl, die in Deutschland nach Prognosen der OECD wieder auf fünf Millionen steigen wird. Dazu gehört auch eine zunehmende Verelendung zahlreicher Menschen sowie eine Rekordverschuldung des Staates, von Bund, Länder und Kommunen, das heißt, „öffentliche