Now that’s something you don’t see every day: Quite a while ago I stumbled across the musical doings of nordvargr (and, eventually, wrote a review on one of his releases for German webzine medienkonverter back then…), and, sort of starting to like these dark, inspiring sound scapes, loosely kept track of his doings now and then. It seems Mr Nordvargr is pretty active also regarding communication and music distribution on “the internet” and in places like virbr, where he also uses to provide music for the “get-it-for-free-and-run” generation.

His latest action, however, seems at least somewhat surprising: “Interstellar 2”, a new release provided on-line, is officially available as a “Torrent Edition” – via Almost an hour of dark space drone music provided right through what some people still tend to refer to as the “hub” for internet music piracy – seems a rather daring move, even better considering it is being done ” as a way of showing support for free speech and free internet”. Check it out anyway, and also feel free to read Nordvargs reflections on piracy to be found somewhere on his news page. Seems worth supporting, in any particular way.

Adding to this, quoting from the Interstellar 2 announcement on

I will not go in to a long rant about free internet and piracy, but to sum it up:

Support what is good and worth supporting (small independent labels are always good
and should be encouraged and supported).

Not much to add, I guess. Go and support that friendly dark drone musician next door rather than dealing with the latest artificial “superstar” in any way.