km#17: machinery again…

They did it again: Announcing the 17th Klub Moozak events, Clemens and his co-workers once again honoured my visual doings by using one of my pictures for the announcement flyer again:


Thanks for that as well as for the credits, I surely like it… :> By the way the “blank” version is here, CC-licensed as all my stuff. Well, as stated before: Seeing ones pictures used for something like this is even better knowing it is used for something rather good, given the music involved with (Klub) Moozak events usually seems to be rather interesting (listening to Strangelet at the moment which I also got to know following one of the KM event announcements). Hope for more of this, and still pondering a trip to Vienna right for that. 🙂

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  1. Ciao, glad you like my tunes ! 😉 Hope to see you on Moozak party someday… Filip

  2. @Strangelet: you’re welcome, it’s been quite an enjoyable acoustic trip. :>