Januar 2009

Windows Vista vs. Ubuntu GNU/Linux 8.10: a surprising winner?

Something worth reading on crn.com, a news site mainly focused on providing system and tech resellers with product and company newsflashes: On a three-page article there’s a fairly verbose comparison of Windows Vista to Ubuntu GNU/Linux 8.10, focusing on various aspects including system security, software and vendor support, application availability or (unavoidable, it seems…) installation, and in the end the paper comes to a „bottom line“ which seems surprising in

km#17: machinery again…

They did it again: Announcing the 17th Klub Moozak events, Clemens and his co-workers once again honoured my visual doings by using one of my pictures for the announcement flyer again: Thanks for that as well as for the credits, I surely like it… :> By the way the „blank“ version is here, CC-licensed as all my stuff. Well, as stated before: Seeing ones pictures used for something like this

Musikgenuss mit ohne Hindernis…

Der tagesspiegel berichtet über den Status Quo im Umgang mit Online-Musik, testet verschiedene Werkzeuge und Plattformen und resümiert: … Die meisten Songs gibt es im Internet bereits jetzt ohne Beschränkungen. Doch damit sind längst nicht alle Barrieren beseitigt. Dem Nutzer steht teilweise ein regelrechter Hindernislauf bevor. … Insgesamt ein lesenswerter Artikel und ein schöner Punkt, wieder einmal auf Creative Commons hinzuweisen. Entsprechend lizensierte Musik findet sich u.a. unter Jamendo, bei


[…] go away leave me alone I feel your presence in my mind the time seems to stop I set you free you calm my mind you calm my mind make my dreams come true – baby every time it seems to me that fiction and reality melt together for eternity liquid words dropping down the stairs filling the emptiness with sense you and me on the floor floating on

just another … vampire?

Ah, the morning. Woke up in sweat – again. Watching the light of a new sun crawl through this narrow sanctuary of mine, a bright, glowing spot on its path through this calm darkness like a small personal sun orbiting around the center of a pocket size universe. Tried to put down a few notes, to keep some of last nights dream images from vanishing… but didn’t succeed, a certain

Spin Provider: dark Moscow electronics

Listening through the Parallel Fronts sampler a while ago, I stumbled across Spin Provider for the first time and kinda liked what I heard. Just by now I found that, some days ago, these folks obviously released another full-length album, titled ‚Radio „Totalitarianism“‚, to be found for download on archive.org and in several other places. Considering Spin Provider an „underground act“, the quality of ‚Radio: „Totalitarianism“‚ is exceptional, and knowing