OpenSolaris: 2008.11 unveiled?

Though it seems an official announcement is still missing, as well as report that OpenSolaris 2008.11 finally has been made publicly available. Release notes are available same as various ISO download options of the final package which obviously is equal to the RC2 released a couple of days ago. Looking at the list of features new to this distribution, there are numerous improvements compared to 2008.05 that make considering an OpenSolaris installation (and eventually everyday use) worthwhile. Seems everyone working on the project has done a rather good job here, now all I am really waiting for is a “server” installation option to run headless infrastructure without having a fully-fledged GNOME/X11 desktop around… 🙂

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  1. Headless (or at least X server-less) is on my list for the next release, too.

  2. I am hoping it is as easy to disable GDM in OpenSolaris as it was in past Nevada / SXCE releases. Not that learning SMF is ever that easy. And of course hopefully all the new admin tools (i.e. package administration) aren’t reliant on a GUI either.

  3. @Mark: Well stopping / disabling GDM is not too much of a problem… but I would like it (along with all the other UI stuff) to be completely out of the way on a server for various reasons (duration required for an pkg-update, security considerations of having a lot of tools installed on the machine, …). From that point of view, a simple, stripped-down server installation (similar to a very bare-bone linux distribution) definitely would be desirable. :>