Dezember 19, 2008

Best operating system for Java Developers?

Phoronix has an interesting benchmark comparing Java on Ubuntu GNU/Linux 8.10 / OpenJDK, Ubuntu 8.10 / Sun JDK and Windows Vista /Sun JDK. The figures and numbers are quite impressive, and so is the conclusion: … Well, Java on Ubuntu was pretty much the hands-down winner compared to Microsoft Windows Vista Premium SP1. Running the Java tests on Ubuntu had experienced significant advantages when it came to file encryption, Fast

enabling equinox osgi console on tomcat/linux

At the moment I am heavily into playing around with server-sided OSGi, mainly to get knee-deep into the Eclipse RAP plaform for a given use case, and I already had to experience quite some pain resulting from the requirement to have a RAP application packed to a .war file and deployed to a local application server (Glassfish V3 Prelude in our testbed system). The innoopract RAP blog has a short