Whoever has heen reading this blog more or less regularly probably couldn’t help noticing the appearance of posts related to NetBeans IDE/platform along with “related” technology, an environment which I switched to after working with Eclipse for quite a while and for reasons outlined in some more detail here. Wanting not just to take things as granted however but to also provide something in return no matter how little this contribution eventually would be, I started helping writing documentation for the NetBeans Community Docs program as time allows doing so, mainly trying of course to focus on German documentation as I consider native-language documentation a crucial aspect of helping new users dealing with and eventually adopting a (new?) tool for their everyday use. Asides (and because of?) this I just recently have been invited to both join the NetBeansDreamTeam and act as NetBeans Community Docs Evangelist. Well… so far I still am not perfectly sure how I got to deserve being in there… Nevertheless I feel rather honoured about both of it, and I am for absolutely sure about doing all I eventually could do to make the best out of the both of these opportunities, trying just to contribute my small $0.02 to help NetBeans grow, as a development environment or working platform or developer community or whatever. By now, just thanks to all of you for your trust, much appreciated indeed. 🙂