“cover”ed by Locura. :)

Oh well… being so busy writing about this and that (and, most of the time it seems, nothing) these days, I almost forgot something maybe really worth mentioning: A while ago, Australian death metal band Locura has chosen one of my older works still hosted on Flickr to be used as inner-sleeve artwork on their debut album “Draconian Measures” (which I am just partly posting here, for the “full” print feel free to get the album… 😉 ):


Feels good to see ones name printed to the back cover of a CD sold “on the other side of the planet”; even though I haven’t yet heard the whole album and/or read some of the lyrics, the music to be found on their myspace.com site at the very least sounds promising. Thanks folks, ‘ts been a pleasure working with you. 😛

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  1. Coolio! Good to see your stuff getting this kind of exposure — I don’t know why, but I feel that there is a strong affinity between these pieces of yours and music (at least, the music in my head…)