Juli 2008

house of leaves: challenging the emptiness?

Spending quite some time on it, I eventually finished reading Danielewskis „House Of Leaves“, a book surely to get hold of one as soon as you dive deeper into it. Overally, I have to say that this has been one of the most intense literature trips I’ve been on ever since reading Paul Austers „Book Of Illusions“ but nonetheless the House is another kind of beast in many respects. In

java-mail: tree-like mail structure traversal

Just as of recently, I have been playing around with Java Mail, a library I overally enjoy working with, except for one thing perhaps: Somehow I miss a consistent data structure backing it to allow for traversing an e-mail structure in a clean way…

switching to Java EE – seamlessly?

Some progress, at last. Quite some of my (spare?) time the last couple of weeks I spent pondering a smart way of getting an existing Spring/webapp environment consisting of several modules migrated to make more use of the Java EE 5 features, namely provided by the glassfish application server which has been in productive use in our environment for quite a while now. But while migrating webapps from tomcat to

„cover“ed by Locura. :)

Oh well… being so busy writing about this and that (and, most of the time it seems, nothing) these days, I almost forgot something maybe really worth mentioning: A while ago, Australian death metal band Locura has chosen one of my older works still hosted on Flickr to be used as inner-sleeve artwork on their debut album „Draconian Measures“ (which I am just partly posting here, for the „full“ print

parallel fronts…

Well, haven’t been writing about music in ages; not that the last weeks were lacking good releases, but… oh well, maybe I was just lazy. 😉 However a while ago some kind soul on last.fm told me to have an eye / ear on the „On The Parallel Front“ album, an online sampler obviously created by x-line net label, collecting tracks solely created by Russian electronics / industrial / ebm

NetBeans: 6.5M1

With a release being scheduled for October 2008 according to the official roadmap, now the first milestone (M1) of oncoming NetBeans 6.5 IDE is available for download, use and testing. Some time earlier someone seems to got caught by the idea of making NetBeans the „only IDE you will ever need“, and, just following this paradigm, NetBeans 6.5 is likely to see quite an extended support for a lot of

Brückentheater und Betonköpfe

Erstaunlich, aber wahr: Noch ist das Dresdner Elbtal Weltkulturerbe, wenngleich auch nur noch bis 2009, denn gerettet werden kann der Titel wohl nur durch einen Stopp der derzeit doch rasch voranschreitenden Bauarbeiten, wovon eingedenk der „Fakten-schaffen!“ – Mentalität der einschlägigen Protagonisten selbst vor der potentiellen Aussicht, Dresden, Sachsen und Deutschland in die Geschichte des Welterbe-Programmes als zweite Stätte einzugehen, der ein derartiger Titel im Nachhinein wieder aberkannt wurde, wohl eher

Begrenzte Freiheit dank Lobbyisten?

„Lustiger“ Lesestoff via futurezone: „EU-Pläne bedrohen das freie Internet“: … Bürgerrechtler schlagen Alarm: In einer konzertierten Aktion wollen internationale Medienkonzerne und ihnen nahestehende Abgeordnete noch im Laufe dieses Sommers dafür sorgen, dass das Internet in der EU gefiltert werden kann. Der Hebel dazu wird im Telekompaket angesetzt, mit dem der Kommunikationsmarkt in der EU neu geregelt werden soll. … Insgesamt liest sich die Liste der Ansinnen wie eine Horror-Show, die