NetBeans 6.0 beta 1 …

… is available for download and testing right now. So move on, get it while it’s hot, take some time to make your way through the vast set of documentation already around… So far, I have seen the NetBeans 6.0 pre-releases to be rather usable and stable, just stumbled across a few more major flaws so far, but nonetheless, given some time, doing testing and possibly reporting some issues seems to be a good thing to make the final release even better. 😉

By the way did I mention that NetBeans 6.0 also is available under a GPLv2 license? Though this possibly is not that much of importance given that Sun’s CDDL is at least an OSI approved OpenSource license as well, it might make adoption of NetBeans IDE by GNU/Linux distributors way easier, possibly even making NetBeans the IDE for Linux based Java development? Wouldn’t be all too bad, I guess. 🙂

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  1. To be picky, NetBeans 6 beta is still licensed under the old CDDL – NetBeans 6 FCS will be the first to be under dual licensing (CDDL and GPL + ClassPath Exception). I agree: NetBeans 6 under GPL will be a very good match for Linux Java developers.

  2. @Fabrizio: Hmmmm, for what I see, making my way through the installation procedure of recent daily-builds, I have been prompted with a licensing statement noting both GPL+Classpath and CDDL?