Just a short pointer to JBoss’ Bill Burke who wrote quite a noteworthy post recently more or less demanding the inclusion of Spring framework into what might become Java EE 6 one day. Bill has quite a good points and personally I’d surely like to see Spring sort of a JSR “standard” technology, but overally, maybe I’d even go a bit further than that: Why not voting for Spring framework inclusion into what might be JDK 7 sooner or later?

I don’t really think this would be a bad move: Looking at the features provided by Spring, one wonders why this should be restricted to be used in JEE applications. Most of these things – application architecture, data / object persistence, JDBC abstraction, or just having a lightweight IoC container – seem to be rather interesting while building desktop or standalone applications, as well, or in order to build a small backend to some locally deployed applications that doesn’t really require most of the technologies provided by JEE. And, this possibly would also compensate for the lack of having a “real” framework for desktop applications built into Java SE. Dreamin’ of unification of Spring and the proposed Swing Application Framework? Doesn’t sound all too bad, does it?