EJB the Eclipse way.

So here we go… Java EE 5 has been around for a while now already, providing EJB 3, the latest revision of the Enterprise Java Beans technology aimed at making development and maintaineance easier. And there is the Glassfish Open-Source reference implementation of JEE 5 ready and waiting to be used. Starting into this field of development using the Eclipse IDE, by now there are two short tutorials out there on Web Age Solutions: While the first part deals with getting started with the Eclipse/Glassfish/EJB3 setup, the second one introduces you to EJB3 persistence using the same setup.

Both articles are pretty basic and far from covering all there is to say on these topics, but that’s what exactly is good about them: They provide one with an easy starting point, getting all the required infrastructure up and running, putting things together, deploying and running a first small EJB application to the Glassfish container. And most of the time things get drastically easier once you actually know where to start…

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  1. kawazu, thanks a lot for these hints. Good starting point for me, i think.

  2. Thanks…The tutorial is really amazing.Gud start for a beginner.Everything is explained so well and clear. Expect more of tutorial on Advanced Java topics.