Solaris on x86 adventures.

… So having got myself an Acer Ferrari 4000 (which doesn’t have a floppy disk drive) I now intend to run the latest release of Solaris Nevada on it and share with you my experience as I do so. I also intend at first to limit myself to using only public information and to keep the pre-installed operating system intact.

Something I’ve bookmarked recently in order to fill my ever-growing reading list: Sun blogger Stacey Marshall, like me at the moment, seems to be into the ‘adventure’ of dealing with the Solaris operating system on intel/x86 hardware, resulting in an extensive set of posts providing you with a bunch of valuable information that might come in handy once you follow this way and try installing the Solaris Express Community Release on ‘non-Sun’ hardware. And, seeing that the writer has quite a bunch of years of experience in dealing with the Solaris OS, this probably could be a “must-read”…

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  1. How far have you come with your installation? Any experiences with trusted extensions?

  2. @schmidtl: I think I’m gonna write more on my installation efforts quite soon… So far, I am on and learning, running the OpenSolaris kernel (though the Nexenta distribution, not the SX/CR release) and trying to get acquainted to it. Talking about servers, my testbed machine (hosting our internal documentation wiki and our growing SVN repository) is my more active playground for that… It’s a lot of things to try and learn, I guess… trusted extensions are on the list, but just following dtrace and zfs (I already played around with the zones and BrandZ which is d**n powerful). Anyhow, more to come soon. 😉