As readers of this page already might have observed, I have sort of been getting into dealing a little more with the Solaris operating system once again, lately, so far including running Nexenta GNU/Solaris on a couple of testbed servers (one powering our internal development wiki and SVN repository, and one hosting an apache james-based mail system) and the Solaris Express Community Release both “physically” on my notebook and inside VMWare Server. Initially, of course Nexenta feels more like “home” as the means of, in example, managing installed packages are familiar once you used Ubuntu or Debian, but in the end, you will learn that using Solaris Express is not that much more difficult.

In order to get started, there is a bunch of really good slides to be found here, aside with a set of links to other useful resources including the OpenSolaris Immigrants community (as the name implies, made for those people with experience in different Unix environments comin’ to OpenSolaris).