Music for all those who dare to go beyond what is being sold in (online) music stores: “The Garden Of Unearthed Machines” by White Nois Stasis is another great piece of net audio released under a CreativeCommons license and available on, another manifestation of original electronic music, yet somewhat different to what you’re probably used to while listening to releases found at netlabels such as Thinner: Even though WNS also are into electronics, they exceed the boundaries of Eletronic/IDM/Ambient by providing an interesting, dense release heavily filled with industrial and noisy influences, harsh and yet atmospheric. “Te Garden…” contains quite a bunch of good ideas, for example the inclusion of non-electronic instruments (like the piano in “12 bit spectre” or the sitar at the end of “alihamet wormhole”) as well as heavily distorted vocal parts (samples?) and even guitars, making “I will (tr)eat you well” an exceptionally heavy track for this kind of music. Very inspiring music, I’ll try to search for some images to play with… 😉 Check it out.