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Sometimes there’s still hope: Even while nowadays people seem to have agreed upon the idea that web-shops “selling music online” have to lock down content they sell using some sort of DRM to prevent users from “illegally using” music they bought there (which ends up with shops like Apple’s iTunes music store where to buy music that requires you to own an Apple iPod in order to listen to it, or a bunch of other German stores which will not work if you don’t run any MS Windows operating system and a “supported player” [i.e. Windows Media Player…]), once in a while you stumble across a site like Jamendo… which provide you with vast amounts of “free” (not just free-of-charge) music, mainly available under some CreativeCommons license, to be downloaded to your hard drive using eMule or Bittorrent, to be copied to your favorite music player and listened to wherever, whenever you want, without having to worry about any artificially induced restrictions or limitations originally not there in the technology used for this. I could keep on writing for hours about that but I’ll better spend some time exploring all the music around here, some of it (for what I listened to by now) done in a way that is technically really up to highly-commercial records (but maybe a little more inspired). Go there, look around, feel home. 🙂

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  1. Thanks for the hint. Really worth seeing. Yes, seeing. 🙂 Got no time to listen to, but will do that next time I visit this site, ’cause there’s techno on it. I’m deeply impressed. 😉

  2. schmidtl

    damn cool, and damn fast Servers… i have only 3 sources in emule for one file, nevertheless it comes with 80kb/s

  3. schmidtl

    The sad thing is: while the music there is “free”, their file formats are not…

  4. @schmidtl: Indeed, that’s a sad thing. Having files available as *.ogg would be way better Actually, there _are_ *.ogg files available but in order to get them, you should sign up there and set which file type you prefer to have. 🙂