food-for-thought: Chomsky online

Just for all those who still don’t know what to read during the “lazy summer days”: Z Magazine has an incredible online archive of writings, essays and even a bunch of full books by Noam Chomsky, who should be known to people interested in computer science at least thinking of the Chomsky hierarchy of formal languages. This archive, however, collects his numerous ideas and thoughts to recent political developments especially in his home country, the US of A. Stuff surely worth reading.

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  1. hi kris, thank you for the comment. dammit, ive been so busy these days i didnt get to check it until now 🙂 im happy to know you liked it, really. im taking some time to fix up some design things and hopefully start posting away (fingers crossed). you have a really nice blog yourself. as soon as i finish dealing with the css ill takes some time to check it out.

    best wishes,