Juli 1, 2006


If there’s a technology I’m starting to, well, hate lately, then it’s the Auto-Responder feature provided by many of the current e-mail and groupware systems. Basically, the very idea seems to be good: No matter whether someone is on vacation or just out of office to get some external project done (and, thus, unable to read mail for a while), each of the messages to hit the inbox is about

Unearthing Machinery: White Nois Stasis

Music for all those who dare to go beyond what is being sold in (online) music stores: „The Garden Of Unearthed Machines“ by White Nois Stasis is another great piece of net audio released under a CreativeCommons license and available on archive.org, another manifestation of original electronic music, yet somewhat different to what you’re probably used to while listening to releases found at netlabels such as Thinner: Even though WNS

DADVSI and digital oppression

Just to take note of it, as there is an extensive article on the very issue to be found at eucd.info, an initiative started by Free Software Foundation France in order to raise awareness of what’s goin‘ on in the legislation process around the so-called DADVSI bill. This one, right now, has been passed the French parliament, leaving France with the worst copyright to be found in Europe (even though