Zynismus per Vorkasse

Entwicklungshilfe war gestern: FlexGo nennt sich das neueste Kind der Microsoft-Produktfamilie, eine weitere von vielen Ideen, gleichermaßen Computer in jenen Teilen der Welt zu etablieren, die wir gern als “Entwicklungsländer” bezeichnen, und zudem noch ein wenig mehr Geld in die Konzernkassen zu spülen, direkt aus den Taschen jener, die ohnehin noch weniger davon haben als … Read more Zynismus per Vorkasse

save the internet

Network neutrality – a term basically meaning that an internet access provider does right what the name supposed: Providing access to communication network for example using a DSL line, a modem dialup network or a permanent connection, regardless of whether you’re just hosting non-commercial websites, doing personal mail communication or run a big online business. … Read more save the internet

Browser war, revisited.

How do I remember those days back some years… The Linux kernel still was at a version somewhere close to 2.2, GNU/Linux as an operating system still was “underground” and not something worth considering for everyday desktop usage for most people, and Web 2.0 still was far from being at the horizont… which, in some ways, was quite good, because, if running GNU/Linux or any other Unix operating system, there was only one browser you might want to use if you wanted to visit all the fancy new sites showing images and animations and possibly using content requiring plug-ins to be displayedd. This browser used to be Netscape Communicator 4.x, a big, slow, memory-eating, clumsy-looking beast no one probably really wanted to use, but these days there simply was no choice (not talking about text-mode browsers like lynx. Exclusively running Unix these days was a good chance to miss what nowadays is known as the Browser War, or, should I say, the “first” browser war… Why that “first”? Read on…

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