useful tools: sqleonardo

Being heavily into messing around with SQL databases lately, I’ve spent quite some time in anger about the fact that the powerful open-source database MaxDB (formerly known as SAPDB and now distributed by both SAP and MySQL AB), though being “cross-platform” at least in a limited way (running atop GNU/Linux and MS Windows), just provides its GUI based SQL and database management tools for users of win32 environments.

But, then, my frustration about that half-hearted multiplatform approach sort of ceased when I discovered about sqleonardo. Sometimes, the world just needs small, handy tools like that: Written using the Java programming language, right now it virtually runs on every platform for which there’s a JVM; utilizing JDBC for database connectivity, it is capable of connecting to virtually every SQL database available today ranging from free / open-source packages such as postgresql to proprietary packages like the Oracle DBMS. Its user interface provides provides easy access to various data sources as well as a very fast SQL terminal so you can send pure SQL statements to the server of your choice. Good stuff.

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  1. Hi,
    Thank you for your comment 😉

    regards, nicky

  2. Hello,
    10 years after this tool is still alive, it has just a shorter name: SQLeo