Been trying for quite a while to find a reasonable way of managing a “reading list”, with requirements pretty simple: I want to remember a bunch of web resources I stumble across during the day to check them out as soon as I find some time. Tried various approaches, didn’t really enjoy any of them. Right now, my solution to this issue is both bare-bone and effective: Used to set up a “bookmark@” mail address for my mail domain, and configured most of my tools (desktop browser, feed readers on smartphone and tablet, …) to be able to quickly post URLs there. Outcome: I end up with a chronologically sorted inbox of findings I easily can work through given some time. Maybe it’s a clumsy solution but so far I haven’t found a better approach for doing so, given I don’t want to manually move bookmark.html files around, and given most of the services I tried out for such purposes either don’t work as desired anymore (looking at you, or add additional complexity to my workflow by providing a load of additional features I don’t need. Ultimately, I managed to both remove a bunch of apps off my mobile devices and close down some accounts registered at some popular services for falling back to quite an archaic workflow. So if anyone could recommend a easy-to-use and open facility for keeping bookmarks and reading lists – I welcome any recommendations. ;)


October already, again. Year’s moving on fast. Looking through my history, there are few years that have seen as little activity on this blog as this one. Maybe it’s a a mix of being active in some prominent social networks as well (which ends up being a dump for a load of day-to-day snippets, links random thoughts) all along with lacking really a load of things to write about.

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